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September 14, 2016

TuneCore Sucks

Exposed TuneCore Scam (Reviews Collection)

If you’re reading this you’re a musician interested in using tunecore to get your music out. Well it will get your music out but you won’t make a profit for shit. Ok so here’s the story. I put two albums on tunecore and the service works fast. My music is on itunes within a day and on amazon within a week. Everything is my music and my samples so I own the rights to everything. I made some sales totalling to about $100 in the later part of december.

Of course I don’t find out I made these sales until like two weeks later and they make you pay 3 bucks just to see what you make on itunes only but you don’t receive any cash yet. That’s irritating but that’s not scamming behavior, they don’t promise you instant reporting and you can do soundscan if you want instant tracking…

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